How to set up KODI JAV Metadata Scraper

To prevent fraud and abuse, you must create an account on JPMagnet.
You need to install the JPMAG.NET scraper on the KODI player, go to the scraper settings, and enter the registered ID and password to use it.
When the scraper setting is complete, go to the video folder and use "Refresh all" or "Find matching items" of each video to download the video information.

JPMAG.NET Scraper download

How to KODI JAV Metadata Scraper

First, download both Common and Scraper above. You should get both.
Open KODI, press the Settings button, and go to System Settings.

If you select the Add-Ons menu on the left, you will see unknown sources on the right or on the main screen.
Please set this up.

A warning window will appear, just click Yes.

Now let

Installed scrapers will appear.
맨 위에 있는 점 두개 (..) 를 누릅니다.

From the menu that appears, click Install from compressed file.

And first select from the files downloaded above.

A message will appear saying that it will be installed immediately, but
do not worry and install in the same way again.

Now, the scraper installation is complete. Go to Media Settings on the Settings screen.

Select a video from your library.

Right-click the folder containing JAV among the folders and click Change Content.

Select the information provider you want to use.

Select the installed JPMAG.NET JAV Database.

Then tap Settings right below it.

Enter your JPMAG.NET ID and password here, set part number hiding, etc., and click OK.

And when you click OK, it asks if you want to refresh as shown below.
Please click yes here.

Then, if you see a message on the top right that the movie information is being downloaded, it is a success.

Now, when a JAV is added to this folder, it will automatically fetch the information from the server.

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